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Review: The Falconer by Elizabeth May

It tells the tale of a girl who had just lost her mother and nearly died when she went out into the world armed with iron. A girl who was later remade into a killer."

Name: The Falconer

Author: Elizabeth May

Series: Book One  of The Falconer Series

Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy, Romance, Adventure

The Falconer is the first novel on a fast paced dynamic adventurous tale of love and murder, grief and fantasy that invites you in and leaves you wanting for more. It took me a few days to write the review because I couldn't decipher how much I had actually enjoyed the book and what parts was I wishing were better. A thing I do when I am not sure what to rate a book is look through other reviews, specially low rated ones. If I find myself agreeing with the bad comments I can conclude the book wasn't for me or if I find myself defending what the people are saying in their bad comments I know I loved the story. In this case it was a little bit of both, not all bad not all great and knowing there are more books to read, a chance for the series as a whole to improve.

Some things I enjoyed were the characters. Our main character is a Falconer, born to kill the Fae who murder her own kind (humans) she is trained by Kiaran (a Fae) and a pixie called Derrick she is the only one that can entrap these creatures that killed her mother and continue causing havoc in her lovely Scotland. However, it isn't all black in white and through her adventures she has to discover if she was really meant to kill and whether the vengeance she has inside of her causing this desire to kill is worth loosing her soul to.

The sub characters are really impressing. We have Catherine, Kam's human best friend who even though is completely normal is sane and supportive. We usually never have these type of friendships in books, rather we have friends that are unsupportive or one is clearly better than the other one. In this case they're different but equal in their own way. Derrick the pixie is incredible, a funny and light addition to the dark tale. And of course our dark lord Kiaran. I knew I was going to fall in love with our dark fae as soon as I started reading about him, the romance is subtle yet passionate and it drove me mad since I found myself wanting for more Kiaran and when we did see these soft moments between them all you wanted was more.

Now, I didn't love the fact that the romance came out of nowhere. There wasn't a background for us to feel comfortable in rather we were thrown into a whirlwind romance that was far too amazing, but I had no idea how or when it started. They were once trainer and trainee and they fell in love suddenly or so it seems. Their relationship and past might be touched upon more in further books (which I am so excited to see explored).

I also didn't enjoy the steampunk aspect of the book, but simply because I am not a fan of that genre of sub genre. I enjoyed her ability to build and her engineering and hunting skills, yet when they were describing the materials and the gadgets in detail I kind of glanced through.

The ending was also a bit too much of a cliff hanger for me. I adore cliffhangers but in this case it seemed as a little bit more could have been said or explored before it ended in such a big finale.

All in all the book is great and I can't wait to continue reading more about the fae and their kingdoms.

“Aoram dhuit,” he breathes. “I will worship thee.”

-- 3.5 stars ---