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Review: The Fire Between High and Lo by Brittainy Cherry

“It's beautiful." "Yeah, it is." "That's beautiful, too." "What's beautiful?" "The way you stare at me when you think I'm not looking.”

Name: The Fire Between High & Lo

Author: Brittainy Cherry

Series: Book Two  of The Elements Series

Genre: Adult, Romance, Addiction

The Fire Between High & Lo is a very hard book to swallow. A romantic best friends to enemies to lovers story that is unlike anything you've ever read before. The beauty of Cherry is that she is able to devise these stories that no one has ever read or imagined. Her stories are deep and raw, and they are heartbreaking all at once.

Although the characters in The Fire Between High and Low weren't my favorites for issues I'll explain later, the story is still an amazing one to read. Cherry built a series of completely different stand alones called The Elements Series, in there I feel that everyone will find their specific cup of tea. Although this one wasn't mine I am sure for someone this might be the one and only book that will change their lives.

Logan and Alyssa are completely different people. They were raised in different ways and with a different set of morals and ideal, from different worlds yet they were still able to find each other. However, the world is not going to let them be happy just as easy. Life throws them challenge after challenge making them grow weak and grow apart only to end up stronger in the end.

The writing is beautiful, I will never deny this. The amounts of beautiful and astounding quotes that I have written down are incredible. However, the story wasn't my cup of tea because of the issues it deals with. Lo was born to a family of addicts and he keeps the family tradition until he makes decisions that literally almost killed Alyssa and him. As these scenes unfolded I lost a little respect and love for Lo, as what happened was something I really couldn't grasp or forget as the book progressed.

The progression of the couple's mistakes and them being able to restore the faith they had on each other is really magical and it allowed me to love the story in so many ways even if I didn't really connect with the main characters.

Again, I implore you to read these books and find the one that will change the way you look at romance novels. These stories have a way of doing that and I can't wait for you to experience Cherry's writing.

"Maybe the whole point of my life was to simply find you, even if it wasn’t meant to be forever"

--- 3 stars ---