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Review: The Games We Play by Alexandra Warren

Title: The Games We Play

Author: Alexandra Warren

Series: Book 1 of the FWB series

Genres: Romance, New Adult, African American

You can always find me loving the trope "brother's best friend." Hence when I read the synopsis of this book I was thrilled to read it, not only that but this year I also have been adding more POC books that not only talk about the suffering of the Black community, but also simply represent them through joy and romance. Hence I felt this was the perfect books to start with. However, it disappointed me greatly. The things I enjoyed about the trope weren't there, and many arguments and plot twists felt a little unresolved for me.

The Games We Play starts of with out beautiful Londyn Miller as she comes face to face with her brother's best friend Chance. They haven't seen each other in a while and seeing each other after actually growing up does things to them they weren't expecting. Soon, avoiding her brother's wishes they start a whirlwind affair. One, that is only supposed to be sex - no strings attached. Slowly, they both start to uncover that they want to be together and not only have sex as they are crazy for each other.

My main issue with the book is that the problems and sub stories these characters have are so damn good, yet we spend too much time with the couple having sex than actually developing these issues. Londyn's father went to jail - this was an interesting detail that could have been developed. Chance's father dies and he blames himself - another backstory that could have been developed better. None of this "issues" are really talked about or used to increase the story's depth. And then finally the main issue of Londyn's brother finding out is literally over within two chapters, meaning it didn't add much climax to the story.

I love love stories, I love steamy scenes. Yet I find it really hard to love romance books when the romance is the SOLE important aspect of the book. I also hated the way the character's spoke to each other. If you read my review of Playboy Pilot, you'll see the clear repetition of me having issues with crass language. Why are authors writing such foul mouthed characters, it baffles me as I think it takes away from the romance and steam of the book.

--- 2 stars ---