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Review: The Pact by Karina Halle

"I wanted Steph. My best friend. She was my baby blue and I was her cowboy."

Name: The Pact

Author: Karina Halle

Type: Standalone

Genre: Romance, Adult

A best friends to lovers story that is going to murder you with cuteness and awesome scenes. I read the afterword of the author and I kind of loved the story more. She talks about how many Adult romance books talk about those new adults that are just starting out adulthood, but they fail to mention those adults in their 30s who are still figuring out their lives. In a way this book set in the lives of two 30 years old characters that are still young and reckless and are still coming to terms to marriage and falling in love. The story is cute and it shows you the power of love and is also very true. 

I enjoyed that there really is no big declaration of love or a hero of sorts, it is in many ways cut and dry and I loved and hated this about the book. The story is very real. Talks about two characters who make a pact that if they reach 30 and aren't married yet, they'll get married to each other. However, after reaching 30 they are with significant others they don't really love and they have to decide whether to leave it all for the stupid pact and realize the feelings they actually have for each other. 

“What if you lose me?” He smiles at me, his grip hard. “Then I’ll just hold on tighter.”

All in all I believe it's a cute story with cute characters. I found the plot line with the exes and significant others a little insignificant but it also the only areas that gave the story a little more drama and therefore made it more enticing to read. 

Nothing out of this world, but I did like the idea behind it. I especially liked the relationship. I find best friends so special and therefore seeing that develop that into more was something I enjoyed. 

-- 2 stars --