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Review: The Perfect Marriage by Jeneva Rose

“After all, you don't become the best criminal defense attorney by loving your husband"

Title: The Perfect Marriage

Author: Jeneva Rose

Type: Standalone

Genres: Romance, Thriller, Adult, Mystery

The Perfect Marriage is a brand new gem, ready to unravel your world. Read this if you're in the mood for a book you can read in one sitting, a book that will leave you thinking to your self WHAT THE FUCK DID I JUST READ. If you like the types of books or movies like Gone Girl, those books that you're trying to decipher who these characters really are and what they really mean with their words and their thoughts, then this is perfect your you. The Perfect Marriage starts of in the midst of Adam and Sarah's ten year anniversary. Adam and Sarah are struggling as Sarah has become too invested in her job and Adam feels a little like a bother and unnecessary in Sarah's life. His career is struggling and no matter how hard he tries to entice his relationship, Sarah doesn't seem to be into it. So he does what every man does in this position *insert eye roll here,* he gets a mistress.

Now, what we don't expect is for said mistress to wake up dead in Adam's bed and for him to be prosecuted as the murderer. Most specially we don't expect Sarah stepping up and deciding that she is going to be her cheating possibly murdering husband's defense attorney. Adam and Sarah begin this case and secrets and lies start rising. The story is told in alternating point of views between Adam and Sarah. You really don't know what or who to believe. You want to believe Adam, although a tad dramatic he seems to be telling the truth. Sarah is heartbroken and cold, and you see her fighting to prove her husband's innocence. However you are also aware that in these types of books nothing is as it seems and that's exactly how this story goes.

The tone of the book and the pace is incredible. You really are able to keep your attention with the short chapters and intriguing voices. The story is filled with action and twisted things showing up in the case that seem to be necessary for the truth to be found. Now, after this please be aware of spoilers.

The ending is what intrigues people the most. It is surprising and you won't see it coming. However, I wasn't a fan of it. Not that it wasn't good it obviously was for amazing for a thriller book. However, I felt that we spent so much time in Sarah's mind that when everything finally unravels the story she tells seems implausible. There are a few scenes here and there where we think she's hiding more than she tells, but it didn't make a lot of sense to me how she was behind everything. Maybe, if the story was told in Adam's POV only it would have made sense? I just think that I also would have liked the ending to be more personal and deep. I feel that we wait so long for who the killer really was and when we find out she says it so quickly and without emotion (which also makes sense since she is psychotic). I also want to know when the fuck did Bob became involved with her, this was such a surprise for me and also didn't make sense.

--- 4 stars ---