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Review: The Sinful King by Claire Contreras

The more time I spent around Adeline, the more I found myself wanting to twist things and do the wrong thing because in my head and heart she was the right one to do the wrong thing for."

Name: The Sinful King

Author: Claire Contreras

Series: Book One of The Naughty Royals

Genre: Adult, Romance, Royalty

Claire Contreras does it again ladies and gentlemen. The Sinful King is every girl's dream written in beautiful writing. Who hasn't dreamed of a beautiful, dreamy prince sweeping us away, putting a crown on our head and making us their Queen? Well, I always had this dream that I wanted to be a princess. I was always the romance reader, the hopeless romantic and therefore this book was hands down made for me. Not only that but the main character is working her uncles bookstore (which is a goal of mine to have a successful bookstore) and she has a successful event planning business (which is what I studied in college and what I dream of doing one day). Adeline was one of the most relatable characters I've ever read, because as her feelings were told I could imagine myself thinking like her. I am sure I am not the only one that can feel related to Contrera's characters. She is just that magical.

Coming from a scandalous break up that eventually landed her naked body on tv and gossip magazines, Adeline is ready to stay undercover for a few weeks in his uncle's home in France. Away from her father's scrutiny and the world's judgement Adeline is free to relax and hide from her mistakes. However, she isn't expecting the boy whom she lost her virginity to (who is actually casually the future King of France) to almost be making this town his home for the summer. The two meet again as he is on the verge of becoming King and thus engaged to a monarch from Austria. Elias' feelings for Adeline make it possible for him to continue following his main responsibility; the crown. Hence, continues the hard and tearful love adventure of them discovering their boundaries and the 'what if's' their love can endure.

“You don’t curtsy to me,” he said into my ear.

“Are you not my King?”

“Are you not my world?”

My favorite thing about the book was the characters. They're not overly dramatic, they don't rant about the unfairness of life, they don't wallow in sorrow, they figure things out and that placed in such a surreal context was so worth it. They fight and argue like normal couples and they are tested through not normal couples troubles but they are still able to come out strong at the end because of what they feel for each other. I also loved the fact that jealousy is not a big factor in this book, Adeline and Elias both aren't alphas for each other and when the jealousy does spark its with reason. Adeline also like most heroines doesn't disappear and decides not to speak to Elias, when trouble arises she allows him to speak his mind. Elias is a dream come true, he is willing to oversee tradition to make Adeline the Queen she is meant to be and that for me was incredibly sexy and romantic.

The book is more than a mere royals book that follows every girl's cliche dream. It uses that to create a fantastic story about women and men seeing their worth, about romance blooming at the wrong place, and about fighting for what one believes in even when the world is telling you not to.

“Long live the Queen. May she always be by my side, not one step behind,” he said against my lips.

“Long live the King,” I replied just as his lips met mine and he kissed me for all of the world to see.

--- 5 stars ---