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Review: The Vanishing Throne by Elizabeth May

"A name. Just a name. If I had to start all over, maybe I wouldn’t choose to be Lady Aileana Kameron, daughter of the Marquess of Douglas. Or even Falconer, the girl whose gift is chaos. Maybe I’d just be Kam, the girl who endured"

Name: The Vanishing Throne

Author: Elizabeth May

Series: Book Two  of The Falconer Series

Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy, Romance, Adventure, Historical

If you read my review of the first book in these series: The Falconer you were aware that some things amazed me while I saw some room for improvement in other areas for the book. As soon as I started reading the sequel all of my inhibitions regarding the book disappeared because May went above and beyond to make the sequel so much better. I always fail to adore the second book or the middle book of a series, many times I feel they act as fillers for the main drama, however Elizabeth May was able to magnify the stress and tension and mix it in with the romance and the challenges making a magnificent second book.

Our heroine and falconer, is stuck in a prison like no other. One where she gets bitten and her memories taken away day after day by her worst enemy. Its only in her dreams to find Kiaran again the dark fae who loved her. When she finally escapes she realizes she isn't the same girl anymore. The vengeance is not there anymore, and the desire to kill is instead replaced by a need to survive and to make her country and home safe again. Thus, she begins another journey with the people she loves to make sure the two kingdoms Seelie and Unseelie don't fall apart and damage the realm of her world.

The characterization is on point and ever more so in this sequel. We were able to see Kam grow and become a woman. The torture was so painful to read and her change due to the painful moments she had to endure made her inspiring. She was invincible in the first book, driven by revenge for her mother's death. In the second book her resolve changes and we see her evolve.

Now, lets talk about sub-characters. Another reason why I loved this story is the characters that aid Kam in her quest to save the world. My favorite one has to be Aithinne. The Seelie Queen and Kiaran's sister is the most badass second character ever written. Their partnership and their dialogue is perfect every time. They made me laugh, she made me cry and feel for her. Her story is deeply inspiring just like Kam's.

The romance is soooo hot and passionate in this installment. One of my critiques of the first book is the lack of background we had over Kiaran and Kam's love affair. However, in this second book we understand more how and why their relationship bloomed. We get to feel a little more enticed and love struck by their feelings and the love they have for each other. It's not cute, it's otherworldly.

All in all this story is magnificently written and of course left me aching for more. Specially with that cliffhanger...

"The way he looks at me steals my breath. He’s gazing up at me like I’mpowerful. Like I’m magnificent. I don’t think I’ve ever felt more beautiful. Then he breaks my hold and he’s whispering against my lips. “I am,” he tells me. 'I’m yours.' "

--- 5 stars ---