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Review: The Wedding Dilemma by Mariah Ankenman

Title: The Wedding Dilemma

Author: Mariah Ankenman

Type: Standalone

Genres: Adult, Romance, Firefighters

Firefighters are my guilty pleasure, I absolutely adore firefighter shows. Hence when I got the chance to review a book based of firefighters my heart did a little flip. I really have not read any firefighter books and was quite excited to read this one. Now, based on the fact that I found this story so unique I did have my hopes up. Thinking that this book was going to be as beautifully scripted as my favorite drama Station 19, and sadly it wasn't. The story felt a little too much telling what the character felt, rather than me as the reader really feeling their emotions.

Tamsen our main character is an artist and a little clumsy. Hence after plastering her art into her body the fire rescue has to come save her. She is immediately attracted to one of the firefighters Parker. However, she never expects to see him in her father's engagement party to his MOTHER. Not only that but their parents decide they need to throw one of the bridal parties together. Their attraction continues but Parker, unbeknown to her and his mother, is looking at Tamsen father's background in fear of him wanting to take his rich mother's money.

The story is very linear, it follows a very straight and evident path until the lies blow up. You know from the beginning how and the way the story is going to develop. Which is one the things that I didn't end up liking from the writing, it was all too predictable. There are no plot twists and there comes a point of the book where you just want to skip to the end, even though you already know how it will end.

The last downside to the story was that I felt the parents voice was very scripted and not raw or real. Whenever Tamsen's father is giving advice it felt too dramatic for it to be a real conversation. I would have liked the teaching moments and realization moments for both characters to feel more natural not so scripted.

* I received this eArc from Netgalley and Entangled Publishing in exchange for an honest review *

--- 2.5 stars ---