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Review: The Wilde One by Claire Contreras

“And I love the way you look at them. Like you get lost in them, like you can’t help yourself.”

Title: The Wilde One

Author: Claire Contreras

Type: Standalone

Genres: Adult, Romance, Contemporary, Music, Drug Abuse

Claire Contreras is a wonderful author, and I have made it my mission to read all her books and all her different tropes. She has the ability of writing anything in the romance genre and it has been a fun challenge to see what of her books I have enjoyed and which plots I have failed to get into. Unfortunately, The Wilde One wasn't a great one for me. Again, it has nothing to do with Contreras' writing, but more on the topic that the whole story is based on.

Nick and Brooklyn aren't supposed to like each other. Brooklyn is Nick's best friends' ex and totally out of bounds, but he can't help himself. Not only that, but Brooklyn has a dark and haunting past filled with death and pills. They start a cute and steamy romance but there are a lot of things that Brooklyn needs to personally work on to be able to be stable.

I believe this book would suit a great amount of readers but I am not a fan of the rockstar and drug trope. I have never really enjoyed a single book, never mind the only book I enjoyed where the rockstar trope was the main idea was The Happy Ever After Playlist, on this trope and I don't think it will ever grow on me. I find the stories to not be real and too dramatic for my taste. Usually I loved messed up, but the rockstar thing is not my thing.

I also failed to connect with Nick and Brooklyn, feeling that their connection always felt a little off. I didn't feel the chemistry and I didn't enjoy them together as much as I have enjoyed other characters and couple that Claire has written.

I don't discourage you from taking a chance on this book because the writing and the plot structure was still great. The story has twists that break you and haunt you and the romance is steady and makes sense. However, it wasn't for me.

"How many things happen in the course of a life? How many broken promises and happily ever afters can you be promised before you realize that you’re supposed to take it upon yourself to find your own happiness?"

--- 2.5 stars ---