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Review: The Witch Doesn't Burn In This One by Amanda Lovelace

“i don't wear makeup for others the same way i don't decorate my house for others. this is my home & everything i do is for me.” 

Name: The Witch Doesn't Burn In This One

Author: Amanda Lovelace

Type: Poetry

Genre: Poetry

One of my goals in April was to read more poetry and I had two poetry books I had bought and hadn't had the time to sit down and read them through. Thus I decided to start off with this one by Amanda Lovelace. Before reading I had hear lots of good reviews about the quality of poetry and after reading I was able to conclude that her style of writing is amazing however the overall theme and mood of this poem collection was too intense for me. 

The poetry is written very eloquently and most of the poems have a very unique style to it. They all shape the main story of the collection and it paints a picture of feminism, and revenge. Many of the poems discuss men, rape and women getting revenge. I consider myself to be a feminist, one that believe that men and women should be equal and although we are born with different qualities that make us biologically different we should have the same opportunities. That females suffer in ways that males can't understand, yes. However, I am a firm believe in male rights as well. Since sometimes issues men face are also swept down the rug. Yes, it is history that women have been downgraded most but that for me is no excuse to hate men and make them subject to all the damages that have been done. Many poems discuss the killing of men or the hatred towards them. How all of them are cruel, and that was a sentiment that I might respect but I don't agree with. 

Thus, most of my time reading this poetry collection was with a dumfounded face and me thinking "this is now how we become equals." I do not have the belief that women are better and there are a lot of men that I respect and love, thus seeing them attacked didn't seem all that fair. I agree with some aspects of the book, about women standing WITH each other not against each other, about fighting and getting revenge when men have wronged you (specially dealing with rape and abuse cases). However allowing ALL men to be categorized that way, felt a little too intense and borderline crazy. 

“to be a woman is to be warbound, k n o w i n g all the odds are stacked against you. - & never giving up in spite of it.” 

--- 2 stars ---