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Review: The Wives by Tarryn Fisher

“We busy ourselves trying not to be lonely, trying to find purpose in careers, and lovers, and children, but at any moment, those things we work so hard to possess could be taken from us.”

Name: The Wives

Author: Tarryn Fisher

Type: Standalone

Genre: Adult, Romance, Psychological Thriller, Suspense

The Wives is an intricate story where from start to finish you have no idea who to believe or who to root for. The voice is similar to Gillian Flynn's Gone Girl, in that sober and anxious drives voice. The story goes from being a common thriller and takes a turn for the crazy, which is something I actually enjoyed. Although I did feel something was missing for me to be actually scared or anxious about what I was reading (maybe development?) I still found myself in deep enjoyment while devouring this book.

The story follows Thursday and her husband Seth. Seth is presented to us as a gentlemen who happens to have.a polygamous relationship with Thursday and two more wives. At the beginning Thursday was okay with this arrangement until she finds information of the new wife, and she starts becoming a little psychopathic in finding out who she is and how Seth's relationship is with her. She starts becoming the other wives friend when she starts discovering a variety of bruises of her body, scared she starts believing her husband is actually abusive and not who she thinks he is.

I recommend going into this book blindly (as I did), because each chapter unfolds and creates havoc on your brain. You really have no clue what is going on. I felt I was standing on an never-ending escalator, going up and up and up. It never comes down, the drama doesn't simmer down and the climax seems to never have a resolution. although I am not a fan of this, I believe Tarryn did a wonderful job in keeping our readers with their mouths and brains open as we entered the final chapter and closed the book wondering where the other pages went.

All in all I am still unsure of what is it that made me drop 1 star out of the rating. I am unsure if it is the inability to connect with the main character (which at the end makes sense since she is not in her right mental state), or that there was some narrating technique missing for me to become completely gripped to the story. However, I really enjoyed it and recommend it to all those who are interested in reading a WTF story.

“A woman’s greatest foe is sometimes her hope that she’s imagined it all. That she herself is crazy rather than the circumstances of her life. Funny the emotional responsibility a woman is willing to take on just to maintain an illusion.”

-- 4 stars --