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Review: There is No Light in Darkness by Claire Contreras

"Guys will say anything to get in a girl’s pants—I learned that from Cole. Guys will promise you the moon and the stars if it means they might get a blow job—I learned that from Aubry. Guys will treat you like a queen and do “bitch work” around the house"

Name: There is No Light In Darkness

Author: Claire Contreras

Series: Book 1 of Darkness Duology

Genre: Romance, New Adult, Contemporary Romance

There is No Light in Darkness is one of Claire Contreras' first novels, and this is blatantly clear from the form and quality of the writing. I am not upset at the book or feel any differently for one of my favorite authors. However, I can admit that the book wasn't great. Thus I must add that there's a clear distinction in between this book and Contreras' later books, showing all the growth and development she did as an author, which is always something to be proud of. 

The story is quite interesting. It follows our main character Blake, whom at a young age (very young) has to go through many traumatic experiences. After seeing her parents murder and being kidnapped she is struck with an abominable trauma. However, she meets people she calls her family. Soon though the troubles of the past start catching up to her and she starts unraveling truths that should've been kept hidden. Now danger is near and all she wants to do is protect those she loves. 

I didn't love Blake, and the reason I didn't love Blake is mostly because Contreras' writing isn't very polished in this novel. The voice seems very childish and a little out of sorts, it was like being in a very confused mind. The story however, is very interesting although not well told. 

I loved the connections between the characters (although this is another thing I feel could've been improved and although Contreras' doesn't explore sub-characters as much in this novel you see she did improve it in some of her other newer novels, again showing her development). 

All in all, I am interested enough to continue this series and finish through. The story is captivating enough that even with the endless disorganized voice you find a way to enjoy it. 

“I’m in love with you, Blake. I’ve been in love with you from the moment I saw you. I’ve been in love with you from the day I was born and possibly even before then."

-- 2 stars --