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Review: To Sir, With Love by Lauren Layne

“Because you said you loved him. Because you deserve your fairy-tale ending. And because I’d do anything for you, Gracie Cooper. Even if it means letting you go.”

Title: To Sir, With Love

Author: Lauren Layne

Type: Standalone

Genres: Adult, Romance, Clean Adult, Contemporary Romance

The very best thing a romance can have is good writing and a good plot. The steamy scenes and the characters are a big plus, but for me the writing NEEDS to be good. Without good writing and a good plot, romance stories become a bit underwhelming. The ones that have sex in them become just porn or enjoyable for the steam, and the one's that don't and also lack good writing really are just a fan fiction. To Sir, With Love regretfully does not have steamy scenes (sad as it would have made the story dashingly better since our main character is so delightful to look at), but the good writing makes up for that and the lack of an incredible plot.

Don't get me wrong, the plot is great. It is fluffy, a true romantic comedy, a fantasy and a little princessy. However, we don't get big plot twists, we really don't get much angst, and the whole mystery is really all very obvious. BUT, no matter how cliche it was or how predictable the story was I found myself really really enamored by the writing and the whimsical narrator that I enjoyed the ride.

Gracie is a lover of all things romance and has been waiting for her Prince Charming - well all her life really. She has had no luck, yet she continues looking (in vain) for THE ONE. She has a whole list of qualities and attributions that make him the one, her family thinks she needs to give this idea of finding the perfect man and try out the field. However, this is not the only one of Gracie's problems. Her job is on the verge of collapse as a very sexy (yet unobtainable) suit type of guy wants to buy her property since she is almost going bankrupt. Seeing her family's legacy closed makes her eyes water and she does not want to give this up as well. To make matters worse the only guy she seems to be interested in, is one she hasn't even met. Using a new dating app she continues messaging her SIR back and forth, but he is also not available, but that doesn't stop her heart from fluttering for the two men she cannot have.

Another thing I really enjoyed about the book was the characters. Gracie is basically a real life princess or she wants to be, and although many people would find her a bit weak I found her intriguing. She was sweet and very pink, and sometimes its good to hear about the type of woman who struggles to find her voice. Yet when they do, they're invincible. I loved her journey in finding "the one" and ending up wanting to fight for her own dreams not the dreams other had for her. Through it all it was more of a "her" journey, and not only a romance story.

--- 3.5 stars ---