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Review: Untamed by Glennon Doyle

'“When women lose themselves, the world loses its way. We do not need more selfless women. What we need right now is more women who have detoxed themselves so completely from the world's expectations that they are full of nothing but themselves. What we need are women who are full of themselves. A woman who is full of herself knows and trusts herself enough to say and do what must be done. She lets the rest burn.”"

Name: Untamed

Author: Glennon Doyle

Series: Standalone

Genre: Non-Fiction, Self-Help, LGBTQ, Memoir

This book is complicated, it was complicated to read and it has been complicated to review. Did I love it? Not really. Did I find some of her ideas completely wrong? Yes. However, I felt the main idea behind the memoir was interesting, and after days of reading it I am still thinking about some of the ideas that Glennon had me thinking about. Maybe the book itself wasn't as great but it was driving force for me to open my brain to some topics, hence the enhanced rating.

Untamed is a biography of Glennon Doyle where she basically talks about everything. From parenting, to being married and getting divorced, to racism and technology. I felt that even thought the book was long, the author didn't disintegrate her thoughts. Thus, we get a lot of heir brains jumble. She talks about racism in 16 pages, contradicts herself in her parenting techniques and talks about too many issues all at once. Her main "story" is her leaving her husband and falling in love with a woman. That turns into her becoming more aware of her "knowing" which is basically her Faith in God.

I enjoyed her thoughts about religion and about the " knowing." I liked how she analyzed the difference between God and the church, and found it more unique how the book is a little bit like her speaking to herself. Although that aspect was unique it might also be one of my biggest issues. The author seemed to be reprimanding the world and at parts sounded a bit elitist.

All in all I found the book easy to read for the short chapters, and the cover is beautiful. The overall tone is funny and interesting, however some of the messages I disregarded completely. While some I remember and will continue discussing as they are important themes to talk about.

"There is no greater burden on a child than the unlived life of a parent.

-- 3 stars --