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Review: When The Earl Met His Match by Stacy Reid

"'How I wish she could hear my voice, even if once. How I wish I could sing for you.. laugh with you"  

Name: When The Earl Met His Match

Author: Stacy Reid

Series: Book 4 of Wedded by Scandal Series

Genre: Romance, New Adult, Historical Romance

Historical fiction and romance have always interested me. I was always a junky for history, and you throw some romance into the mix and I thought I would be a goner. Although I am always intrigued by it, I don't seem to pick up any historical romances, until I stumbled upon When The Earl Met His Match. With no expectations whatsoever, I entered this regency piece and was amazed by the settings and character development that our author describes. I found the story to be appealing and unique, something that is hard to achieve in any subplot of romance.

When The Earl Met His Match, is a story that can be basically be described as the series names " wedded by scandal" indeed. In this era, we have our two main characters who, our hero writes an ad in a newspaper to find a wife to whom our heroine responds declining the offer and stating how rude she found it. Lady Phoebe, is still enamored by the idea of love, and this rich fellow seems to be throwing it out the window. Something she vows never to do, that is until she falls pregnant over a stupid night and finds herself running away from her family and all she knows to the arms of Hugh, a future Earl who is also mute.

Hugh decides to take both her and the unborn child into his castle, and raise the baby as his own, a feat that is honorable. However, when their relationship turns more than amicable Hugh backs away. This back and forth continues, creating a hot and cold relationship that is exciting and nerve-racking at the same time.

Since I haven't read a lot of historical romances I don't have anything to base this piece on, but I did enjoy the experience. It was a warm read, filled with angst and very sweet moments. My biggest concern was the transitions between important scenes. It seems that we spent a lot of time inside our character's minds, which was good because they were interesting to follow, however when actual good plot elements were going on they were addressed fairly quickly and without emphasis. Making this a very character heavy story and lacking in plot elements.

* I Received this ebook through Entangled Publishing and Netgalley in exchange for an honest review*

-- 3 stars --