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Review: Where Dreams Descend by Janella Angeles

Name: Where Dreams Descend

Author: Janella Angeles

Series: Book 1 of Kingdom of Cards

Genre: Young Adult, Romance, Fantasy

"but he was fixed on her alone, unable to bring himself to look back to the sky." 

The premise of Where Dreams Descends sounds spectacular, a magician competition gone awry and filled with defying characters. However, what we received in this novel wasn't mystifying or life changing it was bland and all over the place. The book tries to get somewhere, yet due to the pace and the characters whom you rather ignore than love the end results was a blabbering mess of magic with no sense what so ever. 

My first problem with the story was the characters. Our main character is (or was) a showgirl, however she wanted to do more with her life. Therefore she escapes her Master Jack and goes to Glorian to participate in a magicians show to showcase to the world her real powers. However, when she gets there she realizes that although she might be powerful winning the hearts of the judges might be hard as the only female magician. She was plain arrogant. There is not other way to describe her. In many scenes I found myself rolling my eyes as she couldn't wait to see people's reactions when she dressed up nice, when she argued for the 100th time how wonderfully powerful she was, and how she continues lying to people to prove she's strong. Her attitude towards life and magic was all too snobby for me to enjoy and I ended up hating every scene she was in. Her assistant, whom she met while he tried to steal from her, interests me more than our protagonist. 

The background is not thoroughly explained and the ending leaves you with even more question than what you started. I understand it is a series, yet we never end up understanding anything of what is going on. It ends up being frustrating that no sense of mystery is uncovered. Another issue I had was our supposed villain Jack. I never understood their relationship, it seemed they were lovers but this was never explained or shown . However, when they see each other they gravitate towards each other, yet he is still the bad guy for some reason even when he continuously admits he's not and blames Demarco. However, Demarco is also clueless about all the mystery. The whole book is them pointing fingers at who is at fault and I have a big theory the problem is not within their inner circle. 

The writing is not horrible and it is a fast book to read, yet I won't be reading the next one no matter how intriguing the cliffhanger was. 

--- 2 stars --