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Review: After by Anna Todd

“My life before him was so simple and decided, now after him...It's just...After.”

Title: After

Author: Anna Todd

Series: Book 1

Genres: Young Adult, Romance

After is the definition of every book obsessed, written wannabe's dream. A Wattpad sensation turned into a book and eventually turned into a motion picture. That is what dreams are really made of. After many years of being obsessed with One Direction I am not sure how this Harry Styles based fan fiction flew of my radar, and after years of wanting to read I finally grabbed my copy and opened my heart to the lives of Tessa and Hardin (aka Harry Styles).

Reading the fast paced story, I suddenly understood why everyone is so addicted to the story. The characters are toxic yet there's a need in us readers to observe in these two lovebirds will make it out okay. We don't love any of them for their repetitive behaviors, yet we still come back to them over and over again.

After is told in Tessa's point of view. Her life has always been molded by her strict mother: whom she loves (Noah), who she will marry someday (Noah), what she studies, what she eats, how she should wear her clothes. Tessa is used to the constant nagging, but when she gets to WCU the college her mother dreamed of her getting into she realizes her whole life was spent in a little glass bubble. Tessa is ready to let it burst as she meets her crazy roommate Steph who is unlike everything she is used to, and her group of friends. Included in this ambiguous mix, we have Hardin. Brooding, full body full of ink, sexy Hardin. As they meet for the first time, Hardin knows she's a challenge and they both begin a toxic love adventure that leaves them hurting for their lack of communication.

The story is very repetitive. Tessa and Hardin fight over the same issues (jealousy, Noah, secrets, Molly) and neither of them seem to change the habits that damage their relationship in the first place. Hardin hides a secret from Tessa and wants to keep her a glass box just like her mother. They fight and they bicker and then they resolve it all with sex. The next day is more of the same mood swings, in truth their love is exhausting to read about and yet addicting because these characters whom adore each other so much need to come to a resolution right ? RIGHT?

Well spoiler alert, they don't. At the end, Tessa uncovers Hardin's big secret and is devastated. A secret that was build up so so much by the author that when we actually get to the moment of truth, the big lie seemed to be a little childish.

The truth is I am going to continue to devour these books till the very last drop. This addictive, repetitive, toxic love story will be one that as soon as you begin you know you need to finish.

“You aren’t my type, just the way that I am not yours. But that’s why we are good for each other—we are so different, yet we’re the same. You told me once that I bring out the worst in you. Well, you bring out the best in me"

--- 3 stars ---