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Review: You Deserve Each Other by Sarah Hogle

“We met in a house called Ever After, the second time we were strangers. I am one hundred percent in love with the transformation of us"

Title: You Deserve Each Other

Author: Sarah Hogle

Type: Standalone

Genres: Romance, New Adult, Second Chance Romance

Perfect for fans of second chance romances and character based stories. You Deserve Each Other is the story of the perfect couple turned imperfect. What happens when the love of your life becomes your nemesis? and in three months you will be walking down the aisle to someone you've started to hate. I loved the premise of You Deserve Each Other, it made me remember how much I really enjoy the stories where the main character are finding their way back to each other.

There are a lot of thing I enjoyed and disliked. The main plot of the two fiancées trying to end their relationship vs ending up wanting to make it better was incredible for me. I loved how the mindset of the heroine, Naomi, changed in regards to Nicholas. I found her mind funny, how she would make fun of his family and his name and his legacy it cracked me up. However, I did find Naomi to be a bit weird. Her mindset was sometimes great and funny and then she showed how obsessed she was with working weird jobs and her friends were also strange.

I guess in a way my main issue was that I didn't feel I related to the characters, which made me feel a little distant to them. While the story is great it relies heavily on the main characters. Hence, if you're not loving Naomi's inner dialogue (which pretty much takes a whole section of the book), the book won't be as incredible. I loved Nicolas. I loved how he seemed to want to fight for Naomi and seeing how slowly they started to fall in love with each other again as everything to me.

All in all I feel this was a very "okay" book. It wasn't the best second chance romance I've read, but I also had fun reading about these two weird and quirky characters.

"I say it all the time I just say it very quietly. I tell you when you're in another room or right after we hang up the phone. I tell you when you've got headphones on. I say it after you shut the door behind you. I say it in my head every time you look at me."

--- 3 stars ---