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 I was introduced to books at a very young age and soon after I was entrapped in their small, yet plentiful world. Spending more time reading and writing than most young kids I soon discovered it was more of a passion than a simple hobby. As I grew up I discovered that my passion for reading was something others could benefit from and enjoy too. I started this project for me, as a chance to describe my favorite books and to keep them all in one single place where I could vent and discuss my most recent venture. As my desire to join the community grows, my passion grows as well. 

Recently I have decided to expand my blog into more than just a book review page, but also an escape of sorts and a way to showcase my writing to the world. Welcome to my personal platform where I narrate my personal feelings on those books that make me fall in love, make me cry and make me angry. On those experiences that I want to share with you like my writing, my travels and other amazing experiences I am lucky to obtain. You are welcome to join me in this never ending career of being a book lover. 




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