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I Can Go to Scotland with a Broken Heart

Kidding, I don't really have a broken heart... What I do have is a rough itinerary, an overpacked suitcase and a heart filled with mixed feelings. One thing I promised myself, after I had done a little waiting throughout the years, is to never wait for someone or something to accomplish my dreams. Hence when the possibility to see Taylor Swift in Scotland arose, I really didn't think twice about it.

That was almost a year ago, and here I am flying solo accross the globe feeling a little anxious, a little scared and very much excited.

If I am fully honest there was a part of me that believed I would find someone to come with me on this trip, and for someone who has always been afraid of being alone this is not an experience I thought I would be able to go through with. Days before I doubted my decision. It is not a big deal, people travel solo all the time. But I don't. Not accross the globe anyways.

But I crave my independece. And if you wait to do things without any fear at all, will you ever achieve anything at all?

So here I am, ready (ish) to embark on a solo trip for the first time. The things one does for Taylor...

This seemed a good place to start the blog, a new journey in my career, in my location for a few days and within me. A journey that I would like to share with you; a messy, fearful one yet filled with lots of love. A chance to discover new parts of the world, of me, and consequently of you.

Anyways hope you enjoy the ride and any Edinburgh recs drop them down below.





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